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After the success of RtCW: Enemy Territory on Quakecon 2005 I've decided to make something unique for the ET community (So far I didn't see any DVD like this one in other games like Counter Strike or Quake).

I thought about presenting Enemy Territory in its best way. And the best way to do so was to make a DVD of the best ET-Fragmovies out there. With this DVD people who doesn't know about ET can see some nice game scenes in their full beauty made by various clans and players.

It's a 4,21 GB file so you need alot of time and/or a good connection ;)

I hope you will enjoy the DVD and get to know that Enemy Territory is a nice game ;)

Big Thanks to:
Europe European ET-Community Page
Germany German ET-Community Page
Spain wArning! Clan Website
Germany Server Hosting