So, here we go.
The first CPMa vq3-tourney in this year.
First of all, I did some preparatinos on the qubism-site which is actually the page for #vq3pickup and the cup. Now you have a site-menu in which you can switch from the general-FAQ for the channel, and the tourney-details.
The Cup will be played single-elimination, and apart from the final and the 3rd place match, all games will be best-of-3 (final and 3rd place match best-of-5).
It is played in CPMa vq3, which means, you have OSP settings (such as respawn-times, armor-times etc.), only the netcode is CPMA-like, which helps people with bad connections to play equal to people with better connections.
There are only 16 slots free, so you should decide as fast as possible if you want to sign up.
Everything else, like rules and registration, can be found here.