The latest version of the CPMA mod was published yesterday after a long testing period (more than 15 test builds!). Major balance changes include a beefed up LG, increased RG knockback and slightly faster GL projectile (original news post can be found here). The CPMA techsheet has also been updated to reflect the latest changes.

A new 2v2 mode was added and the speed drag is now gone from all game modes apart from NTF. In the new release the players can callvote a new gameplay mode called dev, where all the new ideas for future CPMA versions are being evaluated. Finally, the elusive bot crash problem was fixed.

As usual, the new version comes in full and upgrade packages which can be found here:

Challenge Promode Arena 1.32 Update
Challenge Promode Arena 1.32 Full
(note that you need all map packs to start your own server)

In lieu of the recent discussion about a future OSP release, I would like to inform OSP players that beginning from now, CPMA uses the original OSP spawnsystem when in vq3 mode, so it would be a nice idea to try it out and see for yourselves whether the suggested changes are detrimental to the established OSP gameplay or not. Furthermore, the enchanced CPMA sound system can be voted off, albeit at the expense of MVD recording.