The first Quake 4 trailer was released today. It's a slickly compiled piece showing some fairly gruesome scenes from the game and hinting once again that the player must take on Strogg form in order to win the war. There are also clips of the vehicular combat that's set to feature in the title. No footage of multiplayer so far, however. It's unclear whether the trailer showcases action from the PC or X-box version of the game.

Trailer: (now with fixed colors)
IGN (QuickTime @ 38.5MiB @ 640×360) (thx for e-mail erazor ;)
The HD version of the fixed-colors trailer. (WMV @ 164MiB @ 1280×720)

@ PC:
@ XBox 360:
(thx to DooMer @ forums ;)

Tim Willits interview over at IGN.
Todd Hollenshead video interview.