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The dragon queen Onyxia is by far the most famous of all bosses in World of Warcraft. It took Korea many months until they were geared up enough to kill her, and the States even longer. However, in Europe it was done within two months, mainly due to the tactics being much better developed by then.

This is a movie by the Swedish guild Nilbog who were among the first in Europe to kill her. It is a true school example on how to do it, from start to end the strategies works flawlessly. If you are not familiar with Onyxia, a lot of the tactics may seem odd, such as the Shaman just running back and forth with his back turned against the dragon instead of doing something useful. However, this is to prevent him from being feared into the lava and conserving mana for the last 5% in which the dragon goes into a frenzy. It is a lot of details like that you have to get just right in order to get her down, it is no wonder it took so long before she was finally beaten.

The ventrilo chat during the fight is a mix of both English and Swedish.

Cheers to Souls of Eternity for hosting the file.