The first CPL WT event got off to a bad start due to uncontrollable weather conditions over in Istanbul, resulting in the first stop to be postponed until a later date. As a saving grace, the event was turned around and became a Qualifier instead.

Fnatic star Netherlands Vo0 has played a very solid tournament. He was seeded #1 although he has had no easy road as far as names are concerned. His first opponent was a Japan Simiga he then went on to face underdog Sweden sakh. Vo0 knocked the Swede down into the losers bracket then set foot into the third round against prodigy Germany SK|SteLam. After knocking out SteLam, Vo0 was pitted the promode all-star and fellow clan mate Canada fnatic/gellehsak. This match proved to be the hardest yet as both players slugged it out across two maps. The first map sacred ended pressing into 4 overtimes, eventually a final scored emerged; 18-16 in Vo0's favour. The second map was a less stressful win for the Dutch guy in which Vo0 ended up winning 22-15 on absinthe. These impressive wins allowed Vo0 to progress into the finals all-time legend United States of America fatal1ty .

After a somewhat dodgy weekend it clearly shows that Painkiller will very unlikely be dominated by the same few competitors. Scores are getting closer and closer, Vo0 is scraping wins and many are proving they are worthy of the PK crown.