The interviews with CPL's president Angel Munoz are being lined up one by one. It shouldn't be too surprising considering that the CPL World Tour is around the corner. Earlier this week he was interviewed here on ESReality. This time it's another big international site, called, whose interviewing Angel. Again, the dialog goes through the World Tour and the choice of using Counter-Strike : Source over 1.6 at the majority of stops. Also, Angel is talking about his visions about CPL, which he claims to be the very same as they were 7 1/2 year ago.
“What I did or did not do to help design the initial blueprints of pro-gaming is not as important to me as the fact that after 7 1/2 years, the CPL is arguably still the world leader and definitely the most innovative organization in esports.

"My vision has remained unchanged since the launch of the CPL. To expand the growth of the league and to make our tournaments mainstream events covered live by a wide number of media organizations," he added.
If you're interested you may find it all here.