Destination Skyline has been replaced by SK-Gaming in the list of participating Counter-Strike teams in the upcoming Clanbase Eurocup XI. The first indications said that the clan had been banned because of cheating in a ladder-match and later on, according to a norweigan CS community, it turned out to be the finnish starplayer Finland natu who was caught cheating, playing a game against a mixteam.

Clanbase's statement regarding the incident:
"Due to the regrettable fact that one of their 5-man line-up recently was caught cheating in an official ladder match with his fun team and therefore banned from ClanBase competitions, clan Finland Destination Skyline was rendered unable to compete in the EuroCup. This of course leaves us with one unfilled position, which will, as a little surprise, be filled with the soon to be announced new team of Sweden SK Gaming."
Shortly after, natu himself published a press release, where he clarifies his point of view. Also in addition to all this a small clip from the actual cheating incident has been released where natu apparently uses a wallhack, find it here.