After a long outage, the Jolt CPM TDM League is back and open for business. The sign up page went up this evening, with 12 clans already down on the list in only a few hours, and plenty of regular names yet to show. Players have until Monday 7th February to register a team, with the league expected to start on Thursday 10th, although this is provisional.

The league will use the latest version of CPMA, with matches played in CPM gameplay (PM2) TDM, 4 vs 4. Matches will be played on Thursdays, between 7pm and 11pm GMT across 2 maps of 20 minutes each. The working maplist is: cpm4, cpm18r, cpm21, ospdm5a, nodm12 and nodm14. All matches will be played on Jolt's UK servers. This season, new head admin Niceguy hopes to limit the problems with Punkbuster and restrictive CD key checks that caused problems for the previous season, so if you have the connection, the timezone and some friends, why not go and sign up! And if you are just short of friends, go and add your name to Kah0ona's Clanless Register.

Useful information relevant to TDM can be found in Swelt's recent article aimed at newcomers and TDM in general. You can read it over on the Berserk site, alongside the rest of sh4un's excellent getting started articles.