Out of the 16 greatest gamer of all time, the gaming community has over the past few weeks finally chosen the greatest of them all. It is none other than the Terran Emperor, the Starcraft God, Korea (Republic of) SlayerS_'BoxeR'! Let us take a look at his road to victory.

Round one: Korea (Republic of) BoxeR vs Sweden Blue 78%-22%
In him first game he won with the largest numbers out of all round one matches. This versus a player who should be able to attract the support from a variety of communities since Blue has been a successful player in both Quake 2 and Quake 3, as well as Counter-strike. Yet Boxer showed no mercy here. His performance however, showed us that Boxer was indeed a force to reckon with in the upcoming battles.

Quarter final: Korea (Republic of) BoxeR vs Canada Grrrr... 78%-22%
Another great victory against fellow Starcraft pro-gamer Grrr. With the impact Boxer have on everything from how Starcraft is played to how it is watched and appreciated by the Korean audience today, there was no doubt about the winner of this fight.

Semi final: Korea (Republic of) BoxeR vs United States of America Fatal1ty 56%-44%
Fatal1ty proved to be a worthy opponent, he is obviously very skilled and dedicated. A multigamer with major success in Q3, UT and AvP as well as reaching to the top of Counter-strike in no time. But none of these features could live up to the achievements of the Korean legend, hence BoxeR was through to the finals.

Final: Korea (Republic of) BoxeR vs Sweden Potti 70%-30%
The final battle was between two superstars of the two most popular competitive online games. Potti who is considered by many as the greatest Counter-strike player of all time stood on the other side of the ring. But like the lightning from the hammer of Thor he was struck down, leaving SlayerS_'BoxeR' as the Greatest Gamer of all Time. A very honorable second place goes to Potti, the second greatest gamer in the world.

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Before the tournament started, I and many with me had our doubts regarding Boxer, not due to him lacking any greatness, but because ESReality is mainly a site focused on first person shooters. So for a player who has never even played in neither Europe nor America, playing a game few here are focused on yet still managing to win the entire thing in an outstanding fashion is simply amazing. His stardom is now, if it wasn't already, forever engraved into the western gaming communities.

All hail to the Terran Emperor, Korea (Republic of) SlayerS_'BoxeR', the greatest gamer who ever lived.