In a somewhat interesting turn of events, nearly every competition in the Cyber X games was cancelled. Thats right, CANCELLED. What was to be the biggest, the most extravagant eSports Gaming event of all time, has literally turned into the biggest eSports failure of all time. It is times like these which is very sad for a community's future. We have been striving for more competitions, more prize money, and more fun, for a very long time now. When something like this happens, it really does have an impact on what we have been trying to achieve, our community has been hurt right down to the bone. How will we bounce back?

Today is truly a sad day for eSports.

Cancelled tournaments:

Completed Tournaments:

Lets hope above all that today we/them/everyone learnt a valueable lesson; always hire proffesional event organisers (with expertise), pay them and prepare in advance!