Congratulations to rat, well played Vo0.

Rat had to win two times a best of three section, Vo0 only one, because he was the WB-winner, so Vo0 had advantage from the start.

Rat won 4 maps in a row, even though some games were very close and very exciting. Click here for demos.

1. Rat (Finland)
2. Vo0 (Holland)
3. Mess (Poland)

I want to thank everybody who helped me with this first arQmode tourney, and of course the players, including mess.

Berserk arQmode cup - winter edition will start in january. Sign up's will be open soon. This time we'll feature a 32 player-tourney.
We might use some other maps, depending on how pm2 in CPMA 1.2 will be, stay tuned.

Berserk arQmode cup