MWahahaha, [100]spiterbot 0.5 pt4 90% rail, 80% mg, NO PROBLEM!!! Ok ok, I did play it quite a lot, a total of 25 games, but most of the time i was within 1 to 3 frags. I ended up beating it 14 to 12 (was 14 to 9 but I decided to run away at the end cause there was no way he could win) It's a tough bot, I think I'm going to practise with it for the next few weeks until I can start lanning. Anyway, the demo will be added onto this journal in the upcoming days, both my dial up accounts have stopped working, so i'll probably need to find a new isp.

Other than that I can't see shit out my right eye, still blood red and swollen, watched an okish movie last night bla bla bla. I wanna put up a new profile pic too. Later though.

I got a email from the painkiller group, saying that I am being considered for beta testing bla bla bla. Whats the chances of me getting in? owell.

tB0nE out*

UPDATE: 31/10/03

God I'm sick, both my eye's have pink eye now, and I think i've got the flu too. Not much coming from me till next week, here's just the stupid spiterbot demo of me 0wning his ass.