The World Cyber Games Nations tournament has just finished, giving us the two on two champions in all of the WCG disciplines asides from Counterstrike and Halo.

Perhaps of most interest was Netherlands Holland beating the United States of America American team in the UT2K3 finals (earlier story and details), which puts Holland in the position of a potential double gold and of course a bronze too in Unreal Tournament 2003.

Meanwhile, Korea (Republic of) Korea unsurprisingly won the Starcraft event, with Russia and Canada their most noteworthy opponents until the finals against Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, who had a notably easier run.

The Fifa title saw Germany Germany hold off the Dutch, with Italy Italy only managing third, having lost to the Germans in the semi finals.

Lastly, the Warcraft 3 nations finals had a rather unexpected line up, with United Kingdom Great Britain facing Chinese Taipei (for who we have no flag). Chinese Taipei had arguably weaker opposition on their way - Poland, Hong Kong, France and Holland, but managed to defeat Tillerman and Bond (Italy, Germany, Russia and China) to claim the gold. Tillerman says:

I'm just so glad I won something decent, after only coming top 32 [in the singles]. I didnt expect it either so it's a nice shock!
I believe that this leaves Holland and Chinese Taipei at the top of the medal table, which could perhaps herald the first year of a non-Korean country coming out best at the WCG...