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Rating: 8.5 (22 votes)
On the same day as his birthday sozou has officially released his third and most anticipated counterstrike movie, Hard Clan - Die Hard. He is very well known for his other excellent works such as norslund and odolinkski and this one looks set to top them both. The movie runs for 9:20 and features the respected counterstrike clan, Hard Clan. Fresh effects, superb editing and great audio are all blended in very well; this movie is truly one of the best of its kind I've ever seen.

Related to this, a good interview of sozou has recently been added at sogamed.com which reveals alot about his new movie, past movies and ideas behind his movie making skills.
What do you think the cs community will like the most about this movie and why ?
Their frags. Crazy and unusual. I felt my adrenaline rise as I watched the movie and goosebumps were constant. Watch for yourselves when it is released. Combine these frags with cool video editing = Real good movie.
source: sozou.tk / #sozou quakenet
interview: sogamed.com / #sogamed quakenet