If you are part of the ever-growing Promode community, then I'm sure you've heard of DonKing... the man behind all of the Challenges tournaments and Challenge-TV. Last night, I had the opportunity to interview him for ESReality.com. Here's a little preview of what to expect:
The Promode Community has come across some outstanding talent in it's recent years. Who would you say left the greatest impact as a player on the community and why?
[q]In the early years of CPM it was xfoo in North America and ven0m in Europe. These two guys were the best in the business. I dont know where ven0m is but I know xfoo still plays CPM and is currently playing in Challenges 3. But for the past few years its been Apheleon, he has mastered CPM and has no equal, I watch this guy and am still amazed. I cant leave out rat tho, hes the greatest HPB to play the game, on his best day he can beat anyone in the business including Apheleon.
[/q]Please enjoy the interview.
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