Ligarena has officially announced the group draw of what is looking to become one of the greatest Quake III tournaments of all time, the $10,000 ESWC Q3 competition. The prize purse does not shock anyone but the attendee list looks like the hottest since XSi2 with winners of tournaments all over the world.
Here are the groups:

There is no telling which player will top each group and only two out of five advance to the next round; the first matches of the tournament will be any Quake player's dream to watch really. Every single game in the tournament will be a tough battle for life. If you look at Group A, you have revenge for the WCG 2002 final, uNkind vs Akiles. Group B is so scary that I don't want to try and predict which match will be the hottest. In Group B will oldschool player ZeRo4 from America meet the very new and talented Z4muZ from Sweden. In Group C we will be looking at the match between the Russian monster Cooller and the man who took him down at the previous WCG, reebHimself. Another rematch for a famous final will be in Group D, where the QuakeCon finalists LeXeR and Daler will fight it out. But will any of them win the group if Fox is there? I have a headache just thinking of all the questions.

The seeding has been adapted to fit the groups in order to avoid two players from a same country to meet in a same group. It is also based on the attendance of all twenty players.

I checked back in the history, see who meet who and where and how they performed against eachother.

[small]The ESWC official press release.