I just saw over on Cached.net that there is a new professional gaming league starting up this summer called the Global Gaming League. It is run by Eric Rollman, former executive of the Fox Family Channel and Saban Entertainment. Also in the ranks of people behind this new league are more well know people like Amir 'Hakeem' Haleem and Jason 'Unholy' Carlton from Deathrow. Neither of the two are new to organizing events like this, having organized the WCG USA 2001 preliminaries.

From the sounds of it, it will be a ladder where the competitors will play online and the top players from the ladders will end up competing at championship events on LAN. There will be fees to pay for being in the league, but it sounds like the league will try to promote you, the player, rather then the events itself which could potentially get you sponsorship deals etc. Of note though, in the promotional video, it says that the league will own your avatar (aka Nickname), which is kind of weird and something to consider when thinking about their objectives as a company.

Still, it sounds pretty sweet in theory with a lot of financial backing for it. They plan to sign the players to contracts in which the players will actually be paid money, rather than the style of the current leagues where you aren't guaranteed any money. It will certainly be very interesting to see how this develops. There have been a number of other leagues that have popped up over the last year or so but none of them have developed into anything significant. Will this be the first real professional gaming league outside of Korea or will this be another disappointment? Only time will tell.