Today Quakecon published the maps and rules for both the 4 vs 4 CTF tournament as well as the RTCW tournament. Signups for both of these tournament's online qualifiers begin Monday at 9pm EST. Here are the maps for each tournament:

The rules for the RTCW tournament are pretty much the same as last year so I wont go over them here. In the rules they do state the prize distribution which will be $20,000 for first, $12,000 for second, $8,000 for third and $6,000 for fourth.

Below are some of the key points in regards to the CTF tournament rules, which will be the first time CTF has been used at Quakecon.

The prize breakdown for the CTF tournament is $10,000 for first, $7,000 for second, $5,000 for third, and $3,000 for fourth. Both online qualifiers have channels setup on ETG, #qconctf and #qconrtcw respectively.