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Here is an interesting list of features and changes for the upcoming Counter-Strike update, dubiously titled 'Counter-Strike Competition Mode 2.0b'.

Apparently this update has been long in the works. I was able to get my grubby little hands on this early list of changes through a friend at Gearbox who is helping with some of the mapping for the release.

Weapon Updates:

The developers went all out with the weapons in competition mode, removing all but those listed below.

USP: Now has a slightly quicker reload time, as well as better jumping aim.
Glock: Everything is kept the same from the 1.6 update.
Desert Eagle: Quicker draw/reload times.
M4A1: Jumping recoil slightly increased, crouching and walking recoil slightly reduced.
AK-47: Jumping recoil slightly increased, crouching and walking recoil slightly reduced. Slightly more powerful.
AWM: There are multiple scope modes which can be set through the menu. There is default scope (four directional with notches), left-up (two directional [left and up] with notches), right-up (two directional [right and up] with notches), left-down and right-down, as well as up-down, left-up-down, right-up-down, right-down-up, right-left-up and right-left-down. There is also the single dot mode. Awp to pistol switch time has been increased.
MP5: Jumping accuracy with the MP5 has been largely increased, as well as running accuracy. Damage has been slightly reduced.
SG552: This weapon remains the same.
AUG: This weapon remains the same.

General Updates:

Grenades now take up respective space, rather than designated amounts for each type. E.G. three HG grenades will disallow you from purchasing any other grenades. 1 HE and two FBs will disallow you from puraching any other grenades, etc.

The riot shield is removed.

Bomb setters are rewarded with 'kills' for each ct killed in a bomb blast. there is also a new 'bomb count' which displays how many times total an individual has set and successfully detonated a bomb as well as the team totals.

Defuse kits now cost $100. defusers are rewarded $150 for every teammate left on the map.

Player deaths show on the scores list, whether dead or alive.

Sprays are removed.

Crouchmoving now not slowed down when using different weapons as well as when at edges of objects.

Hitboxes slightly revamped to be more realistic. putting your crosshair on the back of somebody's head while they are crouching should no longer result in shooting them in the back.

Ladder sliding has been added. This basically means that you can approach a ladder you wish to move down and 'slide' down it. It is much quicker and quieter than traditional descending, but there is no way to shoot. Why they've added this feature is beyond me as it is completely useless.

Silent climbing is now an official part of the game. There is a bind (no confirmed command) which allows you to approach a ladder to climb/descend and move slowly up without noise. This is fairly useless in 'rush' type situations, but incredibly useful in last man standing scenarios, as well as general hunting type situations.


As I've said, he gave me an early copy of the list, so many things are up for change. However, he's let me know that the developers are very aware of what's said in the community, which is why some of them have chosen to release this 'competition' mode. All in all it seems to be coming along fairly well, as many of the choices would be similar to my own. It will basically be an 'addon' for current Counter-Strike servers, meaning that future releases of Counter-Strike will function with the server add-on.