c58|Asus has released a movie dedicated to c58|Asus*Unkind who is the Q3 World Cyber Games 2002 champion.

The movie contains the best frags from uNkind's WCG 2002 performance and is made by HMage and directed by c58|Asus*Polosatiy.

Download the movie from:

Cyberfight @ http://cyberfight.org/site/news/13675
Clanbase @ http://www.clanbase.com/miscdl.php?did=628
PlanetQuake3.net @ http://planetquake3.net/download.php?op=viewd...p;lid=1274

It's 3:20 minutes long and weighs 50 Mb.

Thanks to HellSpawn and Talita for creating a mirror at clanbase
Thanks to [PQ3]Roger for creating a mirror at PlanetQuake3