I have been talking to a good friend on comms and he finally confessed to me what was going on. I'm thankful he decided to confess it and I want to thank him for the trust he has gave me. This letter has been given to me a few minutes ago as he wanted me to post it as soon as possible on ESR. I will let you guys have your own opinion on a guy who, whatever happens, I will regret because he is still very good in ctf wether using cheats or not.

heres what he has to say:

Okay here it goes, as all of you is starting to noticing. Alot of talk about me cheating has came up, and I just want to say to you
that its true, I did use wallhack for some months. I played quakelive since 2009, and i was still a good player from q3, i started playing ctf in ql
and I played div 1 ever since i started and played like that for over a year and a half without cheating once, then in late march i discovered this cheat and
to be honest i was just curious at first. And at this time CTF was dead, and ive never cared about anything in QL but CTF so i was really not so motivated about this game
When I started to use it I actually thought it was interesting cause I had never used a cheat in my life in quake before, and i have played for a really long time.
I was already bored with this game, and for me to be using something that made me better was just fun cause I didnt care, and this kept going on for a quite a while.
Untill eventually now in early july, I realised how I was even more bored with the cheat, And I also realised what a dick i have been really using this cheat.
So I decided to drop the cheat completely and I realised it was two maybe three times more fun to play without, and I realised I was still very good without cheat
I really regreted what I had done and from there on out I never wanted to cheat again and never look back.... I just wanted to forget about everything I had done
and just play without cheat from that moment on cause I did wanna attend Dreamhack Winter 2011 and I still want to. Cause I knew I would do good on LAN anyway
cause I realised i was still very good. But since this wouldnt be forgotten this was my opportunity to just confess myself.
I am truly sorry for what I did and I regret it. I want to go to LAN and prove that I am a good player, I will never ever do something like this again since
I know now how retarded it is, not only did it ruin the fun for me (which I didnt realized at first) it also ruins for others.
And I really had few friends in the community, cause I enjoyed trolling alot, and I still do.
My friends know who they are, wether they wanna be my friends after this or not is up to them, I understand.
Im just really regreting everything thats why im also confessing this as you can probibly figure out
I will probably never be forgiven, thats alright. But atleast im admitting what I have done to the community.