There is a thread located here
which tells of a custom made mouse driver by a member.

This mouse driver, called MouDrv, allows you to set the speed and turn acceleration on or off, or to set the acceleration to your desired levels. It does so via the registry. This is a nice driver, but setting it is a bit cumbersome.

Personally, I hate acceleration, so I started using this driver. I liked it enough to create a small GUI for it. It is still in beta stage, but does work well enough.

It was suggested I create a thread on the topic, so here are some quotes from the original:

Ok, good to see I am not the only one liking this driver.

I have created a new version now. Here you can see some screens of it.

You can see how each of the 4 parameters has a combo box to change what I call the "step rate". You can see a button to increase or decrease each parameter. You can see a progress bar being used as a visual indicator of the current value, as well as an input box that shows the numeric value.

You note on the right side the option to set your hotkey or modifier key. This allows you to set a key, such as "numpad plus" to a given parameter, such as speed. When you then depress and hold the hotkey, the mouse wheel scrolling up or down modifies the registry value. I like that part myself.

You note the mention of Configs and Presets. I am making the ability to have the scrolling not only change a given parameter incrementally "on-the-fly", but also to change up to 5 "configs" and 6 "presets".

A config would be one or more of the 4 parameters. So you could save the speed and acceleration at a certain setting in config 1, and maybe you include smoothing in config 2, and so on. When in config mode, changing a value up or down changes which config you are "loading".

The same works for presets, only those are strictly for the speed setting. So rather than having to scroll 8 times to reach a speed, then 8 times back to where you were, you scroll through the presets, much like a DPI button would do.

One can choose to use only 2 preset or config, up to the max of 5 config or 6 preset.

Also I included an .INI file with this, so you can set different parameters within the INI file, but you set them as regular integers and the program converts them to binary32 format for you. much easier than having to use an online converter.

It is interesting to note that with this driver and a mouse that has a DPI button, the DPI button will usually still work even without the mouses proper driver. I have noticed that if I set the DPI to 2000 for example, and use the driver to get the speed where I like it, it stays the same across most windows/applications/games. So it allows me to use the max DPI, which is a good thing in terms of how accurate/smooth the movement is, but instead of per game trying to get the speed just right, the driver ensures it is almost always exactly the same.

I have some more features to add, and some more testing to do, but I have most of it working. I have to sort out the best method to use the hotkey/modifier. It seems that in something like a game, where you mash down the "S" key to move forward, the low level hooks can become a bit troublesome. Once I figure out the best method to use, or how to tame such things, I will get a link here so you can play with it.

Here is the mostly finished beta version
(look for moudrvGUI)

I have not included the driver, you can get that link in this thread. This works pretty well, but there are a few quirks I have not yet solved. If you try it, you will likely use hotkeys to change a setting on demand, like in a game. I have noticed that at times, for reasons unknown to me, things get funky. I believe it is due to the lowlevel hook I used and the typematic rate of the key being held down.

I will most likely make a different version that the hotkey will "toggle" the mousewheel on/off rather than just holding the hotkey to enable and releasing to disable. Maybe some input from others will shed some light.