Considering the amount of rankings gathered for these first cups, the previous post just won't be updated. So here is a brand new post for the results of the first cups of the Intel Game On tournament. Mostly all matches were played yesterday evening, except for two 3rd place matches in DACH and UK.

Also, here are all the Nordic cups' rankings as well as the final rankings.

Congratulations to the MEA and Turkish players for playing with such high pings (they still don't have any Quakelive servers)! Feel free to post links to demos in the comments. You can also watch the VOD of the ESL TV show which covered the Nordic semi-finals and final (fox vs spart1e), and the Russian/CIS final (Cooller vs Cypher)!

The Cups #2 will be played on Sunday 1st of November, and the sign-ups are already open: Russia/CIS, Poland, DACH, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, MEA,

Source: Game On