Update: Wanted to give a little update here about the movie.

I've received a good amount of demos from a variety of players so far and things are looking good. I am still accepting demos though so if you are interested, read below (Remember CPM only)

I completed a short teaser as well which you can check out here:


or YouTube HD

I wanted to make it known that I'll be making The Contenders 2 so I wanted to start collecting footage.

Once again this movie will CPM only, just like the first one. Shots from any game mode are fine (CTF, TDM, NTF, Duel, etc) as long as they are skillful.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I'll be taking funny/blooper instances as well

It will make everything a lot easier for me if shots were 'cut' from original demos with Q3SDC so no confusion over timestamps is made. Although if not, standard time stamping will suffice.
(Also, please denote if the time stamp is recorded in CPM time or Q3MME time)

Time(s), Name(Country), Game Mode, Map, Short Description

Example: [12.35]-entik(USA)-CTF-q3wcp9-20_kill_Quad_run.dm_68

E-mail demos to mattybear631@gmail.com

Or contact me on IRC.

entik @ #uscpmpickup on QuakeNet

(Please /whois the nick if you are sending on IRC, as vorpal likes to troll as me for some reason. If the nick is not opped in #uscpmpickup, it is not me. Thank you)