Previously we reported that a mouse would be released to celebrate the ESWC 2008 victory of Quake III champion Belarus Alexey ‘Cypher’ Yanushevsky. Now the "RAZER Deathadder ‘Cypher’ ESWC 2008 Commemorative Edition" mouse has been released in limited numbers, several of which will be winnable in various contests.

"RAZER, Cypher and Serious have the honor to give away three of these highly anticipated mouses via three different ways: a Wallpaper Contest, a Logo Contest and a Charity Auction to be held via EBAY. The revenue of the auction will be donated to Red Cross International. - Serious Gaming"

The wallpaper contest will require you to design a wallpaper including Serious, Razer and Cypher, not only will the winner win a mouse but also a Serious.Razer jacket and a a RAZER Goliathus Speed mousepad, signed by Cypher.

The logo contest will require you to design a Serious Gaming logo, winnable will not only be a mouse but also a Serious.RAZER shirt, a RAZER Lycosa Mirror keyboard and a RAZER Goliathus Speed mousepad signed by Cypher.

The ebay auction is what it says, one mouse will be auctioned on ebay and the revenue is to be donated to the red cross. Not only a mouse will be purchable, a RAZER Lycosa Mirror keyboard, a RAZER Carcharias headset, a RAZER Goliathus Speed mousepad, a Serious.RAZER shirt signed by Cypher and a RAZER Messenger bag are included as well.

Find the ebay link here. The auction will start tonight; 13:00 CST, 4 March 2009. Bidding is possible until 11:00 CDT, 14 March 2009.

For more information about the contests go to the Serious Gaming website.