Glad I missed most of the rage, though I'm sure half the posters will just repeat it here anyway... :P

The decision is, xerp stays.

We will not restrict *mod-level* features to different gameplay sets. We've been there before. Next will be "OMG altPlasma is cheating, drawGun 2 is cheating", and so on. And no, that's not an exaggeration: it's HAPPENED.

Even without that aspect of things, I'd probably come to the same decision just for the "crossover" players.

xerp is correct and functioning as intended **. I'd hoped to normalise it at some point and just have a "best" setting that was always on, but it seems that (just as it was in 2002) there are enough people on either side with a strong preference for one or the other that both should stay.

(** it's actually not as good as it SHOULD be, but that'll have to wait for PMX).

Since it IS correct and has no "true" negative impact, it will continue to not be in \players. The only thing that would do is lead to bands of retards witch-hunting people for it.

The only "justification" for removing it is "VQ3 is an aimfest". I'm sorry about that, I really am, but VQ3's hitscan (more specificially "VQ3's two massively-overpowered high-ROF hitscan weapons with cripple effects") is VQ3's problem, and one that I can't do anything about.

If ESWC choose to ban xerp because they don't understand it and have been yelled at by other people who also don't understand it, that's their prerogative. I won't be involved in "campaigns" on either side.