As the .txt TDM Cup has moved to the semi-finals stage, it's time for a little preview of the upcoming matches. In the winners bracket, we have the oldschool superstars from Germany team y facing the cup favorite Europe plus+ while the Sweden ru8)? guys take on Poland pimpuzski right after their unexpected victory over Poland roboty.

In the losers bracket, the superstar team Poland roboty ameryka is facing the sexiest team in Poland, Poland seXi, in a match where they will have to try much harder than they did in their previous match, otherwise it's an early bye-byes for dziku and co. In the other losers bracket match, Europe jizz will have to find a way to overcome the obstacle of Europe POWERKILLERS in a match where con_filterwhine 1 will be a must.

Following sessions of merciless IRC spamming, I managed to secure for you the commentary of the CPM superstar, .txt Cup head admin and kids' role model, Poland seXi*sinbad!

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