As usual
Mister Bush faggot is trying to find any excuse to turn against Iran
just watch these news and videos:

first video is the iranian video, where a normal guy is sayin' something
second video is the USA version, where a ROBOTIC (LOLZ) voice say "you will explode bla-bla"

the further USA officials comments say iranian authorities did not show the whole video, so the normal voice which is in the first video is not fake, just that parts of that video are missing
considering this, why should that guy change his voice in the middle of the video when he said "you will explode, etc"
and the transmission in the first video where some iranian speaks sounds pretty clear, unlike the USA transmission which have some interferences
the robotic voice have interferences too, so it seems that was a USA transmission, not iranian
you don't calm down, Bush fucka, do you ?