Christmas are almost here and surprise from Quake 4 Run Team is here for you. Two completely different maps came out yesterday for your movement training. First one is about pure jumping and dexterity, second one is about hardcore sliding. Both maps were built by United Kingdom Impy and they are really great.

Pure Run - Is based upon Bradok`s map used for Quake 3 defrag called Bardok-kakasi. You can probably find more about this map on Breakdown-HQ. Impy added cool maze as a last room and you move on bottom level of it to come back by upper level to finish this map.

Slip and Slide - is prepared for something that i called "total sliding" and it is composed by long tunnel where you can gain speed around 1100 UPS!
TIP: you can boost your sliding speed by proper moving of mouse from side to side...

Both Maps are now ready for you and both will be count into this year competition. End of this competition is postponed and new deadline is 31.December 2007 when Forrest of 2007 will be announced and added into Hall of Fame of each map.

Another important information about our competition. We are now in situation, that ONE PLAYER is owning all maps ... seems to me like Sweden toxic in Quake 4 Duel :-) That player is called Ukraine Dex and he finally managed to beat Germany k1llsen on Air Slide recently.

I really think that it is great achievement from him and title of XMAS Forrest! is going to Ukraine Dex!

To watch demos, you have to lunch map first, set demo_enforceFS to 0 and than run demo by playNetDemo "name_of_demo"

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