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After a few months of work (with long pauses lol) i release my personal first q3 fragmovie, bringing out the best from my last 2 years of gaming.
Video is captured at 50fps and contains frags/quadrun/flagcaptures from duel/tdm/ctf on OSP and CPMA vQ3.
I preferred to keep a lot of pov actions (enemymodel keel ftw \o/) and a minimum of cams and effects for a better in game feeling.
Greetings to my clan (#vinco) and a big thanks to Italy cicc1o for beta testing this video.
If anyone has problems reproducing this movie try to use VLC player.

Creator: Italy exp
Game: Quake 3 Quake 3 Arena
Featuring: Italy exp
Length: 18m36s
Resolution: 720x576 @ 50 fps
Codec: x264
Size: 428mb

(More mirrors incoming....)