Scheduled: 10:00 CST, 9 November 2007 to 08:00 CST, 12 November 2007
Schedule: Passed

i32 started yesterday at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire. The Quake 4 Quake4 Tournament is due to start today at 06:00 CDT. Below you can find a full schedule of events for all tournaments and a detailed breakdown of all information for the Quake4 tournament.

VoD Interviews ::
"Sam Mathews Talks"
ReDeYe interviews Sam "zr0" Mathews of fnatic covering subjects such as CGS, the CPL response to the g7 teams withdrawing from CPL Winter and the g7. interview Craig Fletcher who reveals that i-series will be leaving Newbury Racecourse for pastures new.

Upcoming interviews from both Sujoy and Michael "ODEE" O'Dell

VODs of the Grand Final are now available to view, links under 'Double Elimination'

Quake 4 Quake 4

QuadV QuadV will be providing commentary for the on-line video coverage of the event, which is supplied by Multiplay. Quake4 (Stream 2) and CSS (Stream 3) have their own dedicated streams, another video stream is provided for all stage matches (Stream 1). A full schedule of Live Video coverage can be found on the i32 Live Video section. QuadV tehwire
Stream 1, Stream 2, Stream 3 (streams are also available on the QuadV site). VLC Link