The G7 Teams today have decided not to attend CPL Winter 2007 in Dallas. The reason for not competing at this event is based on the fact that the organising company behind it is lacking the necessary efforts that are needed in paying out cash prizes from tournaments they organize or by licensees dating back to 2003 until today.

Earlier in 2007 the G7 Teams opened up a process to help any team or player from the community to receive due payments from tournaments and/or leagues. Numerous mails came in and all of them could be solved with the organisers, except most of the ones regarding the CPL.

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CPL_Black_BG The CPL have responded to the G7 boycott.
"We are saddened that two teams that were made famous and somewhat financially independent by competitions and cash prizes at the CPL have engaged in this type of action for reasons we are told are less honorable than “representing the community.”