The latest Q4Max Q4max mod is here with Aj's brilliant MAXBrowse 1.1 version. Just to keep it short I'll add short log from
The new Q4Max is compatible with Quake 4 1.4.2, and adds a few fixes and tweaks of our own. One change is that si_fps is now controlled by modes - defaulting to 90 fps for Duel, and 60 FPS for all other modes. This will hopefully make TDM / CTF playable for more people. There is also a Battlesuit powerup (thx g0th) which mappers can use - currently no maps have this, but keep an eye out for new map releases.

You may notice that we've been working hard on getting multiplayer bot support working, however they're not quite ready for general use - so they're still officially coming "soon".

MAXBrowse has also had a few changes in response to feedback - it now features icons for the PB + password columns, and the ability to automatically run the correct version of the game if you have multiple installs (eg Doom 3 1.3 vs 1.3.1, or Q4 1.3 vs 1.4.2). Also included are fixes for a few important issues, such as the menus being corrupted.

UPDATE: Q4max 0.78d has been released. A couple of issues have cropped up in q4max 0.78c, and with WSVG Lanwar so close we thought it worth releasing a small update.

As Q4Max 0.78d only updates 1 file, this is currently just an update to 0.78c. Unzip the update over the top of your existing 0.78c release. As usual, server admins should delete the old zz-q4max-game-078c.pk4. The upgrade package is available in the Q4max DL links below.

We also expect your further support on

Over&out Cya <3