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Rating: 9.1 (118 votes)
Ever since the second movie in the Dag & Def Extreme series was released, people have been longing for a third movie on the very same theme. For those of you who aren't familiar with the series i can tell you that it features stunning frags and really awesome tricks made by the dynamic duo Sweden Dag and Canada Def.

Having been "a work five years in planning", the third part is finally here and it seems like it lives up to the massive hype created in the community. The bits and pieces of this action packed movie have been put together with brilliant editing skills by France Pez and it has already received judgements like "The best QW movie I have ever seen". While remembering the last big QW movie, Kyu One, that says quite a lot.

The length of the movie is approximately 20 minutes and the size of it is fairly heavy. It comes in two flavours, a light weight version on 779Mb and a top notch quality version on 1,5Gb. It is a must download despite the file size though as you really don't want to miss this!