Scheduled: 09:00 CDT, 6 April 2007 to 10:00 CDT, 9 April 2007
Schedule: Passed

Play continues today for the Multiplay & Belkin Q4 tournament, first up is the Upper Bracket Round 3 (¼ Final) and Lower Bracket Round 4. Play kicks off @ 05:30 CDT.

The tournament will be run on a double elimination basis with best of 3 maps used in each match. Each map will last 15 minutes. Maps are as follows: Placebo, Phrantic (from CMP pack), Galang and Monsoon. The tournament will use Quake4 version 1.4.1 and Q4Max 0.78a.

Final Standing:
1st: cup_gold Poland av3k
2nd: cup_silver Italy Stermy
3rd: cup_bronze Russia Cooller
4th: Netherlands forever
5th/6th: United Kingdom TooGoood, Belarus Cypher

Sun 15:30 CDT : cup_gold Grand Final Quake 4 - Stage match with Video Feed live video coverage from ReDeYe and Joe.

Italy stermy vs Poland av3k (1-2) (1-2)
1st bo3
22-11 on Galang
9-18 on Phrantic
6-22 on Monsoon

2nd bo3
33-12 on Galang
12-23 on Phrantic
9-25 on Placebo

Quake 4 Quake4 matches will be streamed live on video stream 2. Stage matches will be streamed live on video stream 1 along with an audio only stream. Stream 3 is reserved for interviews and other matches not covered on stream 1 and 2. Commentary will be provided by the UK's finest United KingdomQuadV ReDeYe, United KingdomQuadV Joe, United KingdomiTG TosspoT and United KingdomQuadV RubberChicken. Please note streams are via multiplay NOT QuadV. i30 :: mIRC #multiplay (on Qnet)
Video Feed: Live Video Steam (3 channels)
winamp: TBA

i30 Event Schedule (All Games)

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(All of the above times are subject to change)