Scheduled: 04:30 CDT, 4 April 2007 to 06:00 CDT, 4 April 2007
Schedule: Passed

Wednesday at 04:30 CDT Korea (Republic of) Jaeho "Moon" Jang and China Xiaofeng "Sky" Li will meet in the championship match of the second season of the WarCraft III World War of 2007 in the MBCGame Hero studio in Korea (Republic of) Seoul.

W3 2007 Season 2 championship match
Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf MYM]Moon 3:0 WE.Sky Chinawc3_human
- Echo Isle 1-0
- Terenas Stand 1-0
- Turtle Rock 1-0
- Twisted Meadows
- Echo Isle

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This match pits Korea's strongest player vs. China's strongest player in a battle for the crown of Asia. Considered by some the two strongest players in the world, its also a battle between the world's number one Night Elf player and the number one Human player.

Clashes between two fold World e-Sport Games champion Moon and two fold World Cyber Games champion Sky are legendary. Last year they met in the battle for third place in the WEG Masters and in one of the most talked about finals of the year at the International Electronic Sports Tournament.

Moon will be looking to hang on to his title, his run in the World War have gained him seven televised appareances (including matches to be played) and earned him a estimated 18,333$ so far, another win would add at least 10,000$ to that.

Sky has declined invitations to a number of tournaments in order to be at his strongest for this match, a win would net him at least 10,000$ (in addition to the 8,000$ he already won) and two more appearances in the World War. (the winner will return in next season's championship match and the champion players will get invited to a special event in the summer)