Dallas Business Journal have published an article regarding "Severity".
"Dallas business owner Angel Munoz claims to have the keys to this universe, and he plans to sink $5 million to $10 million into a new video game that he promises will usher the world of video game playing toward a more mainstream audience.
Munoz, the former owner of a small investment banking firm, said he still hasn't decided how he will raise the money to develop the game.

The game, which is expected to launch in summer 2008, will answer critics' complaints the league's current games don't allow onlookers to track gamers' accuracy, progress in the game and other statistics.

The development of "Severity" will be led by Dallas-based Tom Mustaine, former vice president and co-founder of Dallas-based Ritual Entertainment. Mustaine helped to develop video game hits including "Final Doom" and "Delta Force: Blackhawk Down." Mustaine has joined the Cyberathlete Professional League as director of game development to create "Severity."

Munoz said "Severity" will be available for public purchase worldwide from retailers. He said his league would allow other leagues to use "Severity" in their competitions as well."
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Source: TheCPL