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GGL's players of the year nominees have been announced and eSport fans go crazy all around as they donít see their favorite WarCraft 3 players in the categories they want to see them in. Especially in the case of JaeWook ďLuciferĒ Noh.

Google any newspost on the subject and you will see comments saying why player A shouldnít be in this category and player B should be in that one. Those arguments are usually backed up with sets of achievements (or failures) taken out of context. Those people forget that the overall success of a player in one season, or year if you will, is the sum of all their successes and failures. Not just the ones we pick out and want to see.

So yes, Grubby lost to RotterdaM an awful lot this year and Susiria had a nice season in the WC3L. But Taken out of context, those examples are meaningless.

The most controversial case of all is that of Lucifer. There are people that claim that the Korean hadnít really made that big of a breakthrough this year. At the same time, many of the same people say Lucifer should be in nominated for Player of the Year instead. That is the case with the case of the Meet Your Makers manager Jesper Nordahl Henriksen.

"Im happy that we have 3 players nominated,Ē he says, ďbut I don't agree with the decision to put Jea Wook in the Ďrevealationí catagory, I find it kind of insulting on his behalf as he has been a world class player for years, making good results in WEG and winning ESWC, WC3L and NGL and Korea vs. China nation wars over a player of the year nominee should put him right in the ranks of player of the year."

If no one in his right mind would have put Lucifer in the top 5 for Player of the Year for 2005 (over Grubby, Moon, FoV, GoStop, Sky, ToD, Sweet, Zacard?) and now itís an insult to him that he is not nominated... Isnít that the best proof that heís made a breakthrough?

Sure, Lucifer has been extremely strong last year, but has he been close to the Lucifer we saw in 2006? Dozens of players have some success here and there throughout the year. They can show potential to win a tournament like the ESWC but how many of them actually do?

Individually Lucifer took second place in MBCGame's International League in early 2006, took home the Electronic Sports World Cup mid-2006 and finished the year in style by taking third place at the International Electronic Sports Tournament in the end of the year. He also won everything there was to be won with MYM teamwise. There is no denying that 2006 was a much better year for Lucifer than 2005. Thatís what Revelationís about.

I understand random fanboys making poorly thought-out comments but a team manager? Indirectly comparing Lucifer to one of the POY nominees Sweet and making comments that Lucifer should feel insulted is a little unbecoming of a manager of a serious team. To argue that Lucifer might have deserved the nomination is one thing, but to to go out and imply someone does not deserve an accolade in favor of one of your own...

There's a lot of room for discussion on this topic, but looking at players with the eyes of a fan does not help anyone.

PS: The people out there saying Lucifer should not have been in the Revelation category but still pick him as their choice, thanks for showing everyone why we should not have these kind of votings done by the public =p