This coming Wednesday at 04:30 CDT another match will be played in the Warcraft 3 World War. Korea (Republic of) Dae Hoi "FoV" Cho will be challenging Korea (Republic of) Jang "Spirit_Moon" JaeHo for the champions belt.

Korea (Republic of) Spirit_Moon defends his title and will return next season in the championship match (if the schedule does not change, four to five weeks from now).

Both players are in extremely good shape, wNv.FoV defeated Night Elf progamer Korea (Republic of) WE.ReMinD (who plays the same race as Moon) by a score of 3-0 last week. He did this after just returning from New York where he took third place at the WSVG finals. MYM]Moon is on a dopminating streak in televised games, having defeated Netherlands 4K^Grubby, Korea (Republic of) SK.BeT.Zacard and France 4K^ToD in the past few months. He has just returned from the IEST in China, a tournament where he beat among others Bulgaria SK.Insomnia, Korea (Republic of) MYM]Lucifer and China WE.Sky to take home the $20,000 first place prize.

Korea (Republic of)wc3_undead wNv.FoV 1:3 MYM]Moon Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf
- Turtle Rock 0:1
- Echo Isle 0:1
- Twisted Meadows 1:0
- Lost Temple 0:1
- Turtle Rock

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