The time has come. With CPL agreeing to extend Quake 3's life, and the lack of great Quake 3 movies, it's now time for "Get Quaked 4" demo requests.

The movie will be edited mainly by cristal of Shaolin Productions, a section by wussie, maybe fei, with massive help from the rest of the crew. This comes with the delay/cancellation of wussie's and fei's frag movies. Quality over quantity.

We all have learned a lot about editing and what people want in a movie since GQ3 was released, the comments will not go unheard. Just Quaked meets Virtuosity meets Mercurial.

Your demos will not go to waste: Get Quaked 3, we plan on topping it.

We will be accepting demos as long as needed. So far there is no deadline for submission, but think no later then 3-5 months from now. Also if you want to send audio tracks that you think would work, don't be shy!