China WE.Sky wins PGL

Chinawc3_human WE.Sky 3:1 Chinawc3_orc Hacker_Fly100%

Battle for Third Place
Korea (Republic of)wc3_undead 4K^FoV 3:1 Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf WE.Check

Semi Finals
Chinawc3_human WE.Sky 3:1 Korea (Republic of)wc3_undead 4K^FoV
Korea (Republic of)wc3_elf WE.Check 1:3 Chinawc3_orc Hacker_Fly100%

All matches are best of three's, except for the finals which is best of five.

The mappool is: Lost Temple, Twisted Meadows, Echo Isle, Terenas Stand, Turtle rock.