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Map 2 in the fox vs. fooki loser's bracket, round 2, match 1 from the WSVG 2006 @ DreamHack Summer is up. Waiting for Google Video approval and PQ4.net mirror to come up. Google Video for blue vs. toxic @ Monsoon is available also.

These are one map per video both POVs switching in a follow-the-killer style.

If you wonder which matches are which in the tournament, you can check the WSVG bracekts.

Big thanks to Ms.X and Liefje for getting the demos up so fast :) If you want to see these matches in full quality or with your own config, get the demos from VIA CGA (www.viacga.com).

You can choose between watching them at Google Video or downloading them in full quality from the available mirrors. Thanks to RogeR for the PQ4.net mirrors <3