The multi-gaming organization Portugal Excello has picked up their latest (and final) addition to their Quake 4 squad. Due to Japan Gure's inactivity in recent weeks, the team sought out for top-notch player who can represent excello to the fullest. That player is United States of America Evan 'Nomadic' Bradshaw, formerly of United States of America clan Kapitol. Nomadic is currently still bootcamping with China Rocketboy for the forthcoming events throughout the world.

Nomadic had this to say:

"I was looking for a team that had proper backing and support from sponsors. At this stage in my gaming career I felt excello was everything I needed to continue competing and I look forward to representing them to the best of my abilities in the coming summer events."

I caught up with Nomadic and excello manager Portugal tomahawk for a few questions, including Nomadic's now ever so infamous rocketjump vs United States of America LoSt-CaUsE at LanWar.