The Warfactory LANetarium event in St. Louis, MO was held this past weekend and if not for the presence of a few notable players, would have probably flown under the radar.

Some of the players that might be recognized are: ESna winner United States of America LoSt-CaUsE, WT Champion United States of America Fatal1ty, United States of America Streetrunner and United States of America [CCCP]ERMAC.

The format was the usual best of three and the map list consisted of Galang, Phrantic, Monsoon, and Fleet.

Final Standings:
1. cup_gold EKE|LoSt-CaUsE - $400
2. cup_silver Fatal1ty - $150
3. cup_bronze [CCCP]ERMAC - $50

On his way to victory, Lost-Cause did not drop a single map.

Picture of finalists