Here are the results of the Portugal Portuguese eswc ESWC 2006 Qualifiers, held in Matosinhos.

Q4 Quake 4: Final Standing
1: cup_gold exotic|Zearth eswc
2: cup_silver exotic|flyerr
3: cup_bronze exotic|others

The Counter-Strike tournament went as expected: exotic took the victory in an unexpectedly tight final against K1ck. K1ck managed to take 11 rounds but of course that wasn't enough.

There was a mix-up between the Portuguese ESWC Organizing Committee and the main ESWC Organizing Committee in France. exotic-Last.Phoenix won the ESWC qualifier, but he is too young to attend the ESWC Finals so excello.Offman will replace him.

Demos (registration required!):
Quake 4 Final exotic|Zearth vs exotic|flyerr (
Quake 4 Loser Brackets Final exotic|others vs exotic|flyerr (

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Thanks to flyerr!