Well, the Bulgaria Bulgarian eswc ESWC 2006 qualifiers are now over. The event kicked of this Saturday in Veliko Tarnovo at The Palace of Culture and Sports where Bulgaria's most talented non-Quakers went to fight for a ticked to Paris.

Games-Services' new local partners had only 1 month to setup the whole thing (their offer was approved last month) and "had no answer" when asked the french guys why they are not allowed to host a Quake 4 qualifiers.

There were however some great matches in the other disciplines with Counter-Strike Male and WarCraft 3 in the spotlight. Surprisingly enough, Fnatic.DIDI8 defeated for the first time in a long time the WCG champion for 2003 and three times local ESWC champ SK.Insomnia, winning four maps in a row coming out of the Lower bracket. I am sure you guys don't care about CS so I am going to share only the final standings.