The 1.1 patch for "Quake 4" changed the way a maps should be packed. For me that was great opportunity to fix and re-release some stuff. There are some issues regarding my most known works: "Galang" has problems with spawn-raping and "Monsoon" crashes servers in "Tourney" mode. That is why I focused on those maps, but "Ruiner" also needed some fixes. And there is this fourth map, "A Man Called Sun", remix of my level for CPMA, which I made only for fun, but it turned out to be a very good competitive level for "Quake 4" (by now it is my personal favourite out of this pack).

All the maps have proper addon.conf files and are ready to work with "Quake 4" auto-dowload system. The maps (except "A Man Called Sun" which was only known as beta before) do not overwrite their previous versions. File name convention for new versions is as follows: l4dmX_1, where X is a number of map.

Galang, Monsoon, Ruiner, A Man Called Sun

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