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For as long as I`ve been into competitive gaming there has been a drive among organisations and communities to reach the masses and bring their sport to the mainstream audience. Through the television for example: CPL with the broadcasting of the CPL WT Finals, MLG with their Halo leagues, recently we were able to read about eSportTV and yesterday we could read about CGS, all attempting to finally give gaming that last big push it needs for public acceptance.

I wonder why that big breakthrough is taking so long, surely a one million dollar world tour and all these well thought out schemes must have given our sport a respectable level of public acceptance?

But the reality of broadcasting on MTV, TMF or the USA Network seems to be that the bar gets lowered so much to appeal to Joe Dumbass, to make him take a note of eSports while zapping through his many channels, that the things that attract us to the sport gets lost in a sense. The rivalries, the high levels of skill, these are acquainted tastes and Joe might be amused for a while but in the end he will get bored with it and another match will be just more of the same to him. He might take note of eSports but he will not become a fan as the part of it that appeals to fans is not brought over to him, no growth is made for eSports.

How different is this for the televised eSport that do try to reach their own fanbase. South-Korea has three TV channels dedicated to the sport. GIGA TV in Germany broadcasts Warcraft 3 (as well as other big games) matches very much the same as say iTG does and manages to attract a large amount of viewers to warrant its existence, WEG in China is just like a spectator sport in any other country. Growth is a steady factor here as these shows are not made just to be fun for those who have never touched a game in their lives, but also when you have spent the last twelve years behind a PC shooting everything that moves.

I am not saying that we should not try to make our message better to understand, but we should not compromise it. We lose what we like about our sport by oversimplifying it and it will not appeal to people no matter how many bags of money Microsoft hands out. We as well as eSport organisations should focus our resources on appealing to the real fanbase because that`s where the growth and future of the sport is.