Sweden PURRI [0:3] Damiah Finland (Fixture closed)
Q2RDM2 - [2:8]
Q2DM3 - [-1:18]
Q2DM1 - [4:16]

Shoutcast: http://0x539.cc:8110/listen.pls by United States of America b|d-DaHanG
Scorebot/IRC channel: #edl.q2 @ Quakenet

Tonight at 20:30 CET the Grande Finale of the European Duel League will take place.

As many people had hoped, the two protagonists will be Sweden PURRI and Finland Damiah who both are considered as the best modern Q2 duel players.

To get more infos about this game and also a detailed preview of it, check the preview written by Finland Syanid, the organizer of the league.

Don't miss this battle of the Titans!